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c’est la vie

c’est la vie

this is unimportant but,

but it’s not important anyway.

all you need is peace in your mind

all you need is peace in your mind

everyday i either look like i have no emotion at all, or cry. and what’s always going on inside my head? here’s a list:

so the thing about life is to feel good. About yourself and your life.

but it seems like that isn’t as easy as it sounds.

these lines aren’t half as cool as Rae’s diary

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no but seriously, i could write a book about the art of being achingly boring.

how to not blame yourself for not being awesome enough when someone you like just doesn’t fall in love with you?

these days are sad. No one has time for me and i don’t feel like eating anything.

do you ever feel like you get stirred up inside and you secretly hope that that’s not nothing but at the same time you know for sure none of that makes any sense at all?

feelings are like freaky ghosts. i’m never sure whether they’re real or not, at one point they’re there and some time later all of them seem so stupid, like they have never existed at all, like they’re all make-believe. 

human is supposed to be better off without emotions. we better be robots so that no one ever gets sad or hurt or lonely at all.